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March 2021 Counselors Corner NewsletterCounselor's Corner

Welcome to our counselor's corner! I am so excited to be the school counselor at Graham Creek Elementary and be a part of this wonderful community. The Comprehensive School Counseling Program at GCE is designed to promote students’ personal, social, and academic success by offering services that enhance the development of a positive self-image, social, and communication skills, and decision-making abilities. There is an emphasis on creating and maintaining a positive school climate across all grade levels by promoting awareness, respect, and responsibility. By providing education, prevention, early identification, and intervention, school counselors can help all children achieve academic success (ASCA). School counselors:

  • Act as an advocate for students
  • Help identify students with special needs
  • Work with potential crisis situations
  • Talk to students on an individual basis, in groups, or in classes
  • Assist in academic and social growth
  • Assist students, teachers, and parents  
  • Help promote a positive school climate

Counseling services available to all students at GCE include: developmental guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling.

I am available to meet with individual students as needed. Students, parent, and/or teachers may initiate referrals. Individual counseling may offer students support with:

  • Coping skills/stress management
  • Study skills
  • Building self-esteem
  • Friendship issues
  • Personal concerns

Developmental Guidance Lessons

Classroom lessons in kindergarten through 6th grades are skills based, developmentally appropriate, and focus on building and maintaining a positive school climate.

  • August - Positive school climate
  • September - Bullying prevention and education 
  • October - Growth mindset/TBRI
  • November - Child safety
  • December - Kindness/caring and sharing
  • January - Goal-setting: SMART goals
  • February - Careers
  • March - Diversity/empathy
  • April - Problem solving strategies
  • May - Self-esteem/wrap-up