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Welcome to Graham Creek Elementary! Learning and fun go hand in hand in our kindergarten through sixth-grade classrooms. We are a tight-knit community of hard-working, hard-playing individuals who work together to bring about the academic and personal success of every student in our care. Please visit the pages on this website to learn more about us.

A Message from Our Principal

Graham Creek Families,

We need your help in registering your child(ren) for the upcoming school year. This is extremely important as we prepare to open in the fall. Receiving accurate numbers will allow us to adjust accordingly. This year we are asking you to register earlier than usual. This will give us the information needed to prepare to open school. This registration will occur online (which may be different for some of you) from Wednesday, July 1, until Friday, July 10, 2020. You should have received a letter in the mail with the instructions to register online. At this time you will be able to choose which instructional model that you would like for your child this upcoming school year.

Directions to register your student(s):

  1. Log into your Skyward Account
  2. Go to the Online Registration
  3. On the right side of the screen under district message, there are a series of items that you may need to update, already have complete, or you may need to skip.
  4. Work your way through the forms by reading the directions at the top.
  5. Be sure to click the box at the bottom of each section that says, complete this section only so that you save your information.
  6. When you finish, click on Complete Online Registration. You will see a form stating you need to complete it.
  7. Repeat these steps for each of your children. 

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Todd Hearne